16 Jul

Imagine your body as a swing. It is meant to swing effortlessly forward and backward. However, with each injury or illness, the body changes, or in this instance, the swing twists. With each ankle sprain, surgery, broken bone, or muscle pull, the swing gets tighter and tighter, making it difficult for the swing to move forward and backward smoothly. 

Unfortunately, when pain becomes chronic (lasting >3 months), it is a sign that your body has actually been struggling for some time. When we treat chronic pain, we must unravel it slowly. Like with a swing, if we attack everything at once, it's a jolt to the system and the swing moves in an uncontrolled fashion. But if we choose to address the pain in a methodical manner, the body has time to adjust. 

At Sozo Physical Therapy, we understand that healing can take time. Pain can have a lot of emotional trauma behind it, so we move slowly. Sometimes this means that you will need quite a few visits of therapy before learning to control your pain without injections or medications. However, through nutrition, exercise, modalities, and manual therapies, we can slowly unravel this "swing" to where you learn to control the pain on your own in order to move more freely through this life. 

So what have you been told you CAN'T DO that you want to do? What's holding you back? Make an appointment by calling 701-433-1717.

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